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Hotel Rumbao

The Enchantment
of the Walled City

Every step on Old San Juan's blue cobblestones immerses you in a more vibrant hue. Situated in the heart of a legendary port, Hotel Rumbao is a captivating beacon amidst historic structures and landmarks, beckoning you to experience the mystique of the Caribbean's most alluring city.

La Puerta

Nestled at the port's edge and mere moments from the city's pristine beaches and the legendary El Morro fortress, Hotel Rumbao is your radiant entrance to Old San Juan. A transportive stroll over its age-old cobblestones and a glance at its iconic balconies lead straight to its enchanting romance.


The phrase “¡Que repiquen los cueros!” heralds the beginning of the party. Seamlessly blending international delicacies with Puerto Rican flair, our on-site restaurant Kueros is a singular experience in Old San Juan, attracting both globetrotting connoisseurs and local foodies to a flavorful soirée.

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Impossible To Resist

Elevate your stay with a complimentary room upgrade, or save more when booking consecutive nights. Explore our exclusive packages and other incentives to enjoy the best of Old San Juan for less.

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The Life of the Fiesta

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